1. Scheme Stage(May. 2007)
<World Management Review> confirms the selection criteria according to the award character. www.hroot.com and other web sites announce the notice synchronously.

2. Recommendation/Volunteer, and Post Stage (June- August 2007):
Recommendation and volunteer from organization or individual are accepted (if by recommendation, contact way should be provided to host for invitation). Detail information of organization and individual is needed to be posted and judged (Brief introduction, photos, and related publication).

Online, fax, and mail are accepted.

3. Information collection Stage (June- August 2007):
Collect nomination information, and classify the information according to the selection criteria.

4. Name list confirmation, and guest invitation Stage (August- September, 2007):
<World Management Review> confirms the winners of the "50 People of Human Resources in China" according to the selection criteria, and announces the winning reason. Invite winners to attend the grand ceremony.

5. Winners' list announcement Stage:
Hold Grand ceremony to announce the winners' list. <World Management Review> will implement in-depth report about the whole activity. The winners' list and overall report will be published on the HRoot website and related medias at the same time.




4、名单确认以及嘉宾邀请阶段 (2007年8月-9月):

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