In Shanghai, <World Management Review> proudly announced that, for the first time, it will launch "50 People of Human Resources in China" Awards in China. The purpose of the award is to commend those entrepreneurs, the experts and the scholars who make remarkable contribution to and stimulate the development of human resource industry in China. Leads of China human resource industry as they are, their thoughts and penetrating judgments represent new viewpoint and new thinking, which lead the industry to progress and develop, and finally indicate the future direction for China human resource industry.

They possess extraordinary courage and insight, magnificent tolerance, and never-stop spirit, so that they have the ability of overall control. They understand the uncertainty, and their advanced revolutionary thought ensures their influence even when facing business diversification.

<World Management Review> regards this award as an opportunity to summarize and foresee the human resource industry, to praise the leaders in the industry, to boost the communication within the industry, and to drive the progress and development of the industry.

Initial name list will be created by recommendation and volunteer through online, fax and mail. <World Management Review> will then decide successful candidates according to the selection criteria. And the final name list will be announced though conference.

《世界管理评论》于上海自豪地宣布:将在中国首次发起举办“推动中国人力资源行业发展50人 - 50 People of Human Resources in China”评选活动,这一评选旨在对那些在人力资源各个行业做出卓越贡献、推动中国人力资源行业发展的企业家、专家和学者进行表彰。他们是中国人力资源行业的领军人物,他们的思想和真知灼见代表了行业的新观点、新思路,引导着整个行业的进步与发展,预示了中国人力资源行业未来发展的方向。




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